Frozen fruit

IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) method allows fruit that is used for freezing to be in it´s peak condition. The quick freezing assures that the shape of fruits and vegetables, color and the nutrients maintains in the perfect condition. No preservatives, coloring, additives nor flavour enhancers are used in the process. Only 100% natural fruit and vegetables.

Frozen fruit can be used for numerous things – in cakes, salads, various desserts, when making your own ice cream, as a breakfast topper, shakes, cocktails, etc.

Let´s get into luscious fruit

The advantages that has frozen fruit and vegetables are multiple – you not only save your time as there´s no peeling, cutting, cleaning it. There is also almost zero waste – only the plastic bag that can be recycled.

Frozen fruit is a ready to use product and is very convenient in every hosehold.