Authentic flavors

If you are looking for an indulgent and refreshing drink our frappes is what you need. With the silky texture of ice cream shake it has a unique but at the same time well known flavor. Aren´t you tempted already?

Our recommendation is to prepare frappes with cold whole milk and for the maximum pleasure add whipped cream or a topping of your preference.

The preparation is equally simple – blend the sachet mix of 140 g with 200ml of milk and in less than a minute you have your frappe ready.


We offer five flavors most popular among our customers in Europe. In addition to classic Iced Coffee Frappe which contains milk we do have 4 more flavors that doesn´t contain caffeine. One of them is a tribute to one of the most known dessert worldwide Banoffe, the other is oh so tasty Cookies and Cream. Check them all and choose yours!


Now you can try various flavors at once! Mixed frappe kit available here