About us

We are full of beans and we love the fruit!

We are established in one of the Canary Islands – Gran Canaria.

Our customers is our utmost priority and that´s why we do everything what´s in our hands to make them satisfied with our products. We offer wide variety of delicious smoothies, indulgent frappes and IQF frozen fruit.

Our products are mostly directed to hospitality business – bars, cafes, leisure centers, children parks and all the other establishments where families, children, adults, sportsmen, workers or tourists take a seat to have something to drink.

Smoothies and frappes, as an example, is the perfect product for hospitality business as it has almost zero waste, has long shelf life and are very easy to prepare. Thanks to the packaging and super easy preparation the taste and size of the drink is always the same. Furthermore, product is not affected by price fluctuations or seasons as these variables are on us.

Knowing that many of you want to have our products at home we do offer home deliveries but at the moment only in Gran Canaria.

Any doubts?

Wholesalers / distributors / hospitality businesses

We can offer personalized smoothie recipes (private label), packaged from 120 gr to 300 gr.

We have a wide range of IQF frozen fruit to offer with packaging from 300 gr to 10 kg.

If you would like to include our smoothies or any other products in your cafeteria, restaurant or hotel, please contact us by clicking here. We can offer point of sale advertising, loan blenders to prepare smoothies. Quick deliveries and flexibility in customer service is guaranteed.